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Promote your employer brand by exposing personalized messages to each of your candidates based on their profile.

Talk to all talents about your opportunities

Multiply contact points with your candidates wherever they sail. Stop waiting for them to come to you, tell them about your opportunities and your business on websites they visit. Your employer brand messages are instantly exposed on all media sites, social networks and job sites to active and passive candidates according to your objectives.

  • Impactful formats to engage and attract your future employees
  • Touch active and passive profiles to maximize your visibility
  • Measuring the impact of your messages in terms of performance and visibility

All at Concorde

As part of the « Paris Pour l'Emploi » fair at Concorde, we deployed responsive banners and sponsored the video to promote the fair to a target audience of 18 - 44 years old, living in Paris and the surrounding area, and researching the trades offered by the show's recruiters.

1 Million
IDF job seekers affected
Fair video views
Cost of engagement

Talking to your candidates
has never been easier

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