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Make your recruitments an event

Create the buzz around your recruitments and capture a maximum of targeted participants for your fairs, afterworks, jobdating, etc ...

Generate applications for your job event

Announce your upcoming events to your target audience in order to get the maximum number of qualified registrations for D-Day.

  • Targeting a qualified audience to maximize your results
  • Impactful and innovative formats to challenge your targeted candidates
  • Event page optimized for capturing registrations

Bring in Aerospace candidates

To promote the “Experts' Meeting” jobdating event to a target that is difficult to reach (engineers and aeronautical experts), we have deployed an ultra-thin targeting campaign (business and location) across the web to bring potential candidates to an event page and get as many registrations as possible.

+ 8.000
Candidates detected on the event page
Qualified candidates met on D-Day

Talking to your candidates
has never been easier

To simply get started, we integrate into your HRMS tools and support you for a quick and successful start.