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Boost your applications

Increase the number of qualified candidates thanks to the automation and intelligent dissemination of your job offers all over the web.

Get maximum applications at the best cost

In order to support you throughout the year and to give your opportunities visibility, our solution optimizes in real time the intelligent distribution of your ads on the entire web and the boost of the most difficult ones to fill. Your campaigns are optimized in targeting and re-targeting according to your key indicators and your specificities.

  • Click limits, expenses, applications per offer
  • Smart budget allocation
  • Automatic pause of the offers provided

Spotlight on bank

To widen their sourcing, and reach new candidates, we set up recruitment campaigns on performance job sites, social networks (FB, Twitter, Linkedin), and content sites which were contextualized on the group trades (Client advisers, Financial analysts, Commercial Banking…) and on localization.

+ 340.000
Applicants reached on average 4 times
+ 62.000
Job vacancy views
+ 4.000
Qualified applications received

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Nicolas Durandeau • Adequat • Hiring coordinator

Talking to your candidates
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To simply get started, we integrate into your HRMS tools and support you for a quick and successful start.