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An easy launch

Because HR professionals do not have time, and because it is our job, we support you for a smooth and efficient launch.

Holeest is much more than a technology, it is a turnkey solution, allowing you to stay focused on your job!


Define your challenges and priorities

The launch call with your dedicated Account manager allows us to understand your context, your seasonality and your priorities in order to best configure our solution to respond them fully.


Connection and configuration of your campaigns

We collect your stream of offers, your visuals, your HR communication chart and we connect to your tools (ATS, multi-broadcaster, etc.) to facilitate the launch of your campaigns.


Track your performance and results

With the help of your Account manager, you monitor results of your campaigns on a daily basis and adjust your strategy (targeting, prioritization, budget breakdown, performance optimization, etc.) to obtain the best results without waiting for the end of the year.


Meet best talents

You and your teams can therefore focus on your added value and on the most important thing in recruitment: the candidate!