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Programmatic serving recruiters

Our HR programmatic platform allows companies to target all candidates according to their professional profiles across the web in order to push them a personalized and impactful message to capture them.

Targeting according to professional profile

Thanks to the analysis of millions of job offers and candidate navigation data, our solution automatically detects the right potential candidates. For each targeted HR communication offer or campaign, the identification process is triggered and targets the best audience with a personalized message.

  • Offer criteria semantic extraction (work, skills, location, etc.)
  • Matching between your offers and qualified audiences
  • Best channels to reach out targeted candidates

Automatic creation of impactful advertisements

To reach your targeted candidates, our solution generates the best advertising formats in real time, automatically adapts them for each support used and expected format, then optimizes them thanks to A / B testing. You talk to your candidates where they are, whether on Marmiton, team.fr or Instagram, with impactful and effective messages.

  • Dynamic banners based on your offers
  • Rich media video to create immersion
  • Best performances through A / B testing

Performance optimization

Our algorithms analyze and adjust bids and budgets in real time to find the most efficient media mix for each offer.

  • 80% potential for additional exposure
  • 50% more applications for the same budget
  • Intelligent allocation of budgets according to your difficulties

Measure and control your actions

Take back control of your HR sourcing and communication strategy with a data-driven approach. Discover key information about the behavior of your candidates to get the best results.

  • Advice and analysis with your dedicated Account Manager
  • Personalized reporting of your campaigns (Dashboard)
  • Real-time adjustments to your investments

Privacy by design

Our technology was developed in a principle of Privacy by Design to ensure perfect compliance of our solution with the GDPR and the importance of the candidates privacy.

Targeting or re-targeting is done only with their consent and we ensure that our customers do with this principle to ensure full compliance throughout the candidate journey.

Interfaced with your ecosystem

Being upstream of your recruitments and HR communications, we are interfaced with all the HR management tools on the market in order to simplify the retrieval of job offers and ensure the good reception of applications in your ATS.